Flat Wire

Copper being a high electrical and thermal conductive material is used in various applications. TAMRA flat wire solution is provided keeping in mind critical application area which includes FFC, cables, high-frequency cables, fuses, welding wire, connecting wire, connector wire or shielding wire.

Manufacturing Range:

  1. Base Material: Cu-ETP and Cu-OFE
  2. Thickness: 0.05mm – 1.2 mm
  3. Width: 0.60 mm - 6.0 mm
  4. Coating: Tin/ Silver/ Nickel
  5. Further coating solder upon request

Salient Features:

  1. Tailor made product to match geometrical and mechanical values
  2. Close tolerances
  3. Absolute burr free
  4. Clean and dust free material
Flat Copper Wire