EDM Wire

Tamra EDM Wire cuts the workpiece metal by voltage electrical discharge, it facilitates 'Spark Machining' that discharge spark between to electrodes : tool and workpiece. Our integrated global technology works around the casting stage, wire drawing and in-line continuous annealing process resulting in TAMRA EDM's trustworthy tensile strength.

We have always pursued excellence for prime grade materials, maintaining the balance of stable speed cutting with precision efficiency. At Tamra we produce Uncoated Brass Wires, Zinc Coated Wires and Diffused Wires for varieties of applications.

Our focused compositions are : 63/37, 65/35, 80/20 and the most common sizes are 0.15, 0.20, 0.25mm

Coated EDM Wire

Type Hardness Tensile Strength (N/mm) Elongation Conductivity (IACS) Color
Brass Wire (Plain) Hard < 3% 950-1050      
Zinc Coated Semi Hard < 8% 650-750   21%  
Diffused Hard < 18%        


  1. Manufactured with a high precision of wire diameter tolerance of ±0.00/-0.002mm with smooth surface free from flaws or irregularities.
  2. Our EDM Wires have excellent straightness, and are most suitable for automatic wire
  3. High quality material, for least impurities achieving a stable high-speed cutting.


  1. Base Material : CuZn37% / CuZn35% / CuZn40%
  2. Prevent brass powder sticking
  3. Reduce wire breakage
  4. Excellent straightness
  5. Pre-eminent economic efficiency


Coated TAMRA EDM wires are decisively faster than the plain wires. The cutting speed combined with high precision can be increased by upto 35% when the gamma-phase wires ULTRACUT or HYPERCUT are used.


  1. Base Material : CuZn37% / CuZn35% / CuZn 40%
  2. Enhance the processing speed enormously
  3. Increase processing precision enormously
  4. Suitable for processing hard alloy
  5. Prevent brass powder sticking
  6. Reduce wire breakage
  7. Excellent straightness
  8. Pre-eminent economic efficiency


  1. Base Material : CuZn37% / CuZn 35% / CuZn 40%
  2. Enhance the processing speed enormously
  3. Prevent brass powder sticking
  4. Reduce wire breakage
  5. Excellent straightness
  6. Pre-eminent economic efficiency
  7. Increase processing precision enormously
  8. Suitable for processing hard alloy